Comprehensive accounting services

  • bookkeeping,
  • revenue and expense ledger management,
  • keeping revenue records for the purposes of lump-sum tax,
  • keeping inventory of fixed assets and equipment,
  • keeping records of stock turnover,
  • keeping records for VAT purposes,
  • VAT accounting,
  • preparing all mandatory income statements and reports as well as delivering them to appropriate offices,
  • advising on business management,
  • accounting of income tax,
  • preparing financial statements,
  • participation in financial statement audits,
  • preparing statistical reports required by the Polish Central Statistical Office,
  • representing a taxpayer before the Revenue Office, Statistical Office and other offices, within authorisation set by the client,
  • preparing and settling matters that cover updating a company's data in the Registry Court, the Revenue Office, the Statistical Office,
  • advising and explaining on a broad variety of accounting and tax matters,
  • providing support to the persons and companies opening their businesses.

Comprehensive HR and Payroll services

  • preparing personnel documentation,
  • apersonal records of the employees,
  • employments contracts,
  • employees' leave cards,
  • preparing payroll,
  • clearing contracts for specific work and mandate contracts,
  • preparing Social Insurance Institution statements and reports,
  • preparing personal income tax statements and declaration for the National Fund for the Rehabilitation of Disabled.

Incorporation of companies and their reorganisations

We assist in incorporation and registration of such business entities as:

  • one-man bisunesses,
  • limited liability companies,
  • general partnerships,
  • limited partnerships,
  • professional partnerships,

We offer compete management of official inspections that your enterprise may be subiect to. Your business is also represented in case of any tax proceedings or before Supreme Administrative Court. Audits of the financial statements are performed by chartered accountants, with our active participation

IT services

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